Product Line Introduction

Due to environmental protection issues and increasing numbers of portable DC devices, MEAN WELL has invested in the development of chargers and inverters since year 2006. So far, MEAN WELL has launched more than 200 models from 30~3200W. The product series is complete and widely used for green energy storage, power backup, charging devices, and many other related equipment

Wide range of voltage compatibility, multi-purpose model

    • Ultra-wide range charging voltage, one model will be sufficient

Taking NPB-450-48 as an example, the wide range output voltage is 42~80V, only one charger needed for 48V, 57.6V and 67.2V batteries.

    • 2-in-1 charger: flexibly switch between charger and power supply

NPP series can be switc

hed between charger mode and power supply mode.

Intelligent monitoring, safety is guaranteed

    • Patent registered,intelligent voltage detection and charging

NPB-450~1700 series can be charged on the spot.

    • Simple interface, remote monitoring

NPB-450~1700 series can set charging parameters wireless NFC induction through mobile phones (optional); built-in Can Bus Protocol Interface

    • Dual certification, multinational certification

Approved by 62368-1+60335-1/-2-29. Dual certification by multiple countries, safety is guaranteed