Mean Well DC/DC converters

used for various purposes, such as transforming socket voltage from 24VDC to 5VDC for microprocessors, stabilising voltage fluctuations, and simple galvanic isolation. There are countless possible applications and for that reason the range of DC/DC converters is also very extensive. Dependant on the required design, the technical specifications, and the intended function, Telerex can offer you the right DC/DC converter at an affordable price and supply it quickly.

Mean Well has built up extensive experience and a wide range of designs over the years by supplying DC/DC converters for such varied domains the medical industry, the industrial sector, the railroad industry, the public transportation industry, the military, and the aviation and aerospace sectors.
Overview DC/DC converters

POL converters and conventional DC/DC converters
Regulated or unregulated DC/DC converters
With or without isolation between input and output
With an input range of 2:1, 4:1, or wider
Through hole of SMD-type DC / DC converters