DIN Series

Din Rail Series
منابع تغذیه ریلی منابع تغذیه ریلی در میان تابلوسازان و ماشین سازان بسیار محبوب هستند. منابع تغذیه ریلی مینول تمام استانداردهای صنعت را برآورده میکند. Din Rail های مین ول رنج وسیع از ده وات تک فاز تا 1 کیلو وات سه فاز را شامل میشود. شما میتوانید با توجه به نیاز، بدنه پلاستیکی یا فلزی را با رنج وسیع ورودی از میان مدلهای ریلی انتخاب کنید. DRS-240/480 Series 240W / 480W All-in-One Intelligent Security Power Supply The most attractive feature of DRS-240/480 is the multi-functional integration, which includes AC-DC power supply, battery charger, DC-UPS and communication monitor in a single compact package. Other outstanding features include 90~305Vac input applicable to all parts of the world, compliance with safety control regulations and alarm signals, and automatic load priority power balancing (the battery will be charged with excess power). Additionally, the product has built-in Mod Bus communication interface, and charging parameters can be adjusted via SBP-001 DRC-180 Series 180W DIN Rail Type Security Power Supply This product is suitable for installation in the TS-35/7.5 or TS-35/15 rails inside the power distribution box. Not only is the 90~264VAC voltage input applicable to all parts of the world, but also two models of 13.8VDC and 27.6VDC are planned for more customer selections. The DC output side is divided into the main output (CH1), which can be used for the load equipment and the auxiliary output (CH2), which can charge the battery at the same time. In addition, it also has AC OK, battery low voltage alarm, and can form a DC-UPS backup system with an external battery DUPS20/40 Series 20A/40A DIN Rail Type Uninterruptible DC-UPS Module In order to provide more cost-effective DC backup solutions, MEAN WELL has launched a new-generation DUPS20/40 series. The DC-UPS module is paired with a power supply and an external battery to achieve the backup function.The main function of DUPS20/40 is to monitor DC output voltage as well as to charge the battery to ensure the continuous operation of entire system (backup period depends on the load and battery capacity). When the AC mains fails or is interrupted, the load will be immediately connected to the battery pack to avoid کاربردها EDR Series EDR-120-24

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